I finally got around to finishing up my topiary art. I’ve actually had the topiaries done for about a year but never got around to designing the backgrounds until now. For prints, greeting cards, pillows and more go to

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A little progress is better than none, right?

I had a little time to work on this one yesterday. It’s true, paintings go through an ugly stage! I’m still not liking the background at all. Still a long way to go so hoping things improve as I work on it.IMG_1212

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Painting in Progress

IMG_1208Got a good start on the background but there is still a looooong way to go.

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Commissioned job!

IMG_1206This is the start of my commissioned job. Yikes! It’s a mom and daughter. The request was they be nose to nose, wearing tiara’s and with the crowned bee from the Queen Bee painting be somewhere. I’ll add the tiara’s later. Got the sketch on tracing paper to get it worked out before going to the canvas. I think I’ll under paint the canvas to be pink. I hope I can pull this one off! Stay tuned!!

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Queen Bee

Queen Bee-smallJust finished this one a couple weeks ago. Used actual paint this time instead of going digital. Got a commission job from a friend that saw it! I’ll be posting WIP photos of that one soon.

Purchase prints and products at

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Untitled_Artwork smallOk, I know it’s been a year but I finally finished this piece. Actually it’s been done for a while and I just never posted. Ended up doing a color shift with the yellow making it orange. I don’t have a title for this one yet.

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Making a little progress. I cannot decide on the hair color. Thinking about changing it to blue.


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